Elyria USBC Board of Directors 2011 - 2012
lyria USBC Bowling Association Local Board Officers and Directors for 2011 - 2012 Bowling Season. Operations Center - 38931 Center Ridge Road – N. Ridgeville, OH  44039.

2016-2017 Officers & Directors of Elyria USBC Bowling Association

President: Dewey Justice
Vice President: Amanda Morrow
Association Manager: Cindy Jarvis
Sgt-at-Arms: Leroy Ladyzhensky
Assistant Manager: Samantha Hamilton

Russ Markel
Dennis Mavrich
Tim Hall
Phil Trigg
Jennifer Ellingsworth
Matt Ruth
Sandy Justice

Youth Bowling Association Directors:
Cindy Jarvis
Sandy Justice

Elyria USBC Bowling Office
Brunswick Zone
38931 Center Ridge Rd. – N. RidgeVille, OH  44039 Phone 440-322-7753

Bowling Centers in the Elyria USBC Association
Brunswick Zone, Elks Lanes, Oberlin College Lanes


Elyria USBC Board of Directors 2016-2017